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We are developing indie games. Our team consists of two people who work on Unreal Engine 4.
Do you want to ask a question ? Are you facing a problem ? Do you want to be part of the team ? Then write to us in the form below :)


Study of Unusual: Forest of Secrets

In the game you are an agent of a secret organization that sent you on a mission to an unusual forest to find out what it lost people. During the job you have to solve the mystery of the forest and survive


Money Clicker

In our clicker your main task is to earn as many coins as possible. All coins can be exchanged for various other valuable currencies, as well as buy a variety of improvements in the form of boost clicks and other buns :3 Download Money Clicker and spend time with interest!



Over 2048 - a new representation of the game 2048 in 3D. Combine the same cubes, earn points, and use bonus items to beat all the highscores!

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